XOXO Ultimate Lip Care Bundle




XOXO Ultimate Lip Care Bundle

Our XOXO Ultimate Lip Care Bundle features new must-have products as well as customer favorites. It includes a five pack of our anti-aging Rose Gold Lip Masks, nourishing Resting Lip Mask to boost and hydrate lips, our exfoliating Everyday Lip Scrub to smooth and buff lips, and three of our best-selling organic lip balms in Açaí Berry, Very Raspberry, and Pink Lemon. This XOXO lip care bundle makes for a great gift that will surprise and delight anyone on the receiving end. Perfect for friends, sisters, moms, and any lip balm addicts in your life! Your purchase helps support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. $95 (Retail Value $110)

This bundle includes:

    • 5 Rose Gold Lip Masks

    • Resting Lip Mask (0.5 oz jar) 

    • Everyday Lip Scrub (0.5 oz jar) 

    • 3 Organic Lip Balms (Açaí Berry, Pink Lemon, & Very Raspberry)