A balm for
a better world.


BITCHSTIX is a self-care brand that cares about people, communities, and the world.

People are at the heart of our mission.

BITCHSTIX exists to inspire people to overcome oppressive circumstances, declare their independence, and pursue their dreams. To that end, your BITCHSTIX purchase helps support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Communities are where we do our work.

BITCHSTIX retailers know their communities better than anyone else. So we rely on them to identify the domestic abuse and sexual assault prevention programs in their cities that are most in need of financial support.

Our goal is to build a better world.

From our support of assault and abuse survivors to our commitment to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients that do no harm to our environment, BITCHSTIX is committed to making a net-positive impact on the world.


Spread the love. Support survivors. Nominate today.

As a BITCHSTIX stockist, you can nominate a local domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention program.*

Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a stockist.
  2. Click HERE to nominate an organization in your area.
  3. All nominees are eligible for a monetary gift and BITCHSTIX products for fundraising events.

*Nomination does not guarantee financial support from BITCHSTIX.